We are HopeTown

We are a gathering of normal people, that have found restoration, purpose, and hope in a vibrant relationship with Jesus. We seek to live out the values and purpose that God has in store for every person that follows Him. And we just happen to really love living life together and using every opportunity we can to change the world!


When you put these two things together (hope and community) you get a place where people can come, connect, and belong.


There is a world full of people that give up on life, not because they want to, but because they run out of hope. Hope is what sustains every person in the good and tough times.


We are a gathering of people that are committed to living life together. Whether it is serving our community, celebrating good news, or walking through heartache, we are determined that we are better together.

About Us

Our Leadership

Pastor Tim was born and raised in Huntsville. Since 2003, he has served in Pastoral staff positions in Tennessee and Kentucky, while also traveling abroad to speak. Most recently, Tim was the Student Pastor at Hillvue Heights Church, in Bowling Green, Kentucky. During this time, the church saw tremendous growth in the Student Ministry, seeing attendance and professions of faith rapidly rise. It was also during this time that Tim and Krystle both received a clear and undeniable call to move back to Huntsville to start HopeTown Church.

Previously, Tim attended Boyce College, graduating with a degree in Biblical Studies: Youth and Family Ministry, and has continued graduate work in Seminary.

Krystle Gruber Ashley was born in Lynn, Alabama. She graduated from Wallace State Community College with a degree in Dental Hygiene. She later moved to Huntsville, where she and Tim met. She is an avid reader, and loves being a mom. Tim and Krystle have two sons (Payton and Kobe) and a daughter (Gracie).

Tim and Krystle have experienced the transforming grace of Jesus, and are excited to share that message with the people of Huntsville, through HopeTown Church!

Our Values

1. Jesus is our Focus

2. People are our Passion

3. Love is our Language

4. Grace is our Currency

5. Worship is our Expression

6. Excellence is our Aim

7. Obedience is our Posture

8. Service is our Mission

9. Honor is our Delight

Mission & VISION

Why We Exist

The Vision of HopeTown: To Reach People who are far from God and Connect them with the Hope of Jesus.

The Mission of HopeTown: We exist to Pursue People, Present Truth, Practice Grace, Participate in Life, Please God